General Yoga

Yoga may be an ancient practice but it is has particular relevance for today's world where so many people are living stress filled lives. Yoga promotes health and well being in all aspects of our lives. Through physical postures (Asana), breath work (Pranayama), meditation and relaxation techniques it helps us to develop a healthy body, a positive outlook and a sense of balance in life.

Everybody can practice yoga regardless of age or physical condition but it is important to find a style and class that suits you and to let the teacher know any relevant medical information. Yoga can be particularly useful in helping to relieve conditions such as back ache, sciatica etc but please check with your doctor if you are in any doubt as to whether yoga would be right for you. Your yoga class should be something you look forward to and enjoy!

These classes start with a short centering followed by stretches and movement including Asana and Vinyasa (flowing sequences of asana) practiced in conjunction with the breath. Meditation practices are sometimes included If time permits but every class is certain to finish with deep relaxation. You are invited to bring a light blanket for your own comfort during relaxation.

People start yoga for lots of different reasons and continue because they discover lots of benefits.

  • lotus Increased Flexibility, Strength and Stamina
  • lotus Decrease in stress and anxiety
  • lotus Improved Posture
  • lotus Improved engery levels
  • lotus Relief from backache and other complaints
  • lotus Improved concentration levels
  • lotus Increase self confidence
  • lotus Relaxation and improved sleep