Yoga for Teenagers


Yoga is fun to do and provides a non-competitive environment where young people can learn to be strong and flexible physically, mentally and emotionally. On a physical level yoga can help teenagers to adapt to their growing bodies, it encourages positive body awareness, good posture, a healthy range of movement and helps to develop strength and stamina. As well as the physical changes teenagers are undergoing, the social, acedemic, and family pressures that they can experience may cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. Yoga provides an opportunity to 'turn off' from stress and take a break from schoolwork, internet, mobile phone etc. It creates a sense of calm and emotional weel-being and helps to build confidence and a positive self image.

  • lotus provides time out from stress and worries
  • lotus Develops self awareness and acceptance
  • lotus Develops self confidence
  • lotus Encourages respect - towards themselves and others
  • lotus Imrpoves posture
  • lotus Improves flexibility, strength and stamina
  • lotus Balances energy levels
  • lotus Teaches the skill of relaxation.

Classes can be arranged with schools and offered to students as part of the Physical Education or Transition Year school programme. Stress management classes for exam years can also be arranged.